WLCZ’s vision is to serve, inspire, and inform the CSRA and surrounding communities.  The passion that fuels WLCZ’s mission began its journey over 30 years ago. We truly care about our community – it’s more than a business, it is a lifestyle approach to daily living.  We strive to share inspiring, motivational, and family friendly content with our listeners.  Local access and being a caring community partner are the foundation of what we provide. Our music intensive format targets adults 25-54 with specific emphasis on women 25 plus. WLCZ’s goals are to connect with the community and provide an inspiring resource for our audience 24 hours a day. Beyond the music and information, WLCZ is always creating opportunities to connect with our community.  Many thanks to our listeners for the opportunity to serve and inspire them.

WLCZ delivers an audience with buying power

 WLCZ delivers access to heads of households and adults

WLCZ is a cost effective tool for reaching potential customers

WLCZ presents a format that is a positive influence in the community 

WLCZ delivers a format that is family friendly